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Yule Log - Disney XD

For the Holidays, Disney XD (USA) decided to develop a funny and fresh identity. This exciting project was entitled "Happy Holidays" and it included a graphic pack for on-air promos and 10 hilarious gags entirely done in cel animation. The project was done entirely by 2veinte including the original score.
Creative Director: Pablo Gostanian
Production Director: Agustin Valcarenghi
Animation Director: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Art Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Lead Design: Pablo Gostanian, Augusto Gabrys, Diego Flores Diapolo
Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Augusto Gabrys, Alex Gostanian, Damian Sendin, Diego Flores Diapolo, Waldo Lara, Enmanuel Pelaez, Santiago Medina
Cel Animation: Melisa Farina, Facundo Quiroga, Valentina Candia, Lucia Castez, 
Design: Pablo Gostanian, Augusto Gabrys, Diego Flores Diapolo, Alex Gostanian, Damian Sendin, Santiago Medina
Character Gags Design: Juan Molinet

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