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Zee Cinema

Complete branding for Zee Cinema, a Hindi satellite movie channel in India based in Mumbai. The channel is owned by the popular Zee Entertainment Enterprises. Agency: Superestudio. More info at:

Done by 2veinte
Creative Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Executive Producer: Agustin Valcarenghi
Art Direction: Pablo Gostanian
Lead Animation: Damian Sendin
Design: Alex Gostanian, Pablo Gostanian, Enmanuel Pelaez, Waldo Lara, Augusto Gabrys, Santiago Medina Neves, Diego Flores Diapolo.
Animation: Damian Sendin, Alex Gostanian, Enmanuel Pelaez, Santiago Medina Neves, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga.
Shadding, Lighting & Rendering: Diamian Sendin, Diego Flores Diapolo.
Compositing & Postproduction: Diamian Sendin, Enmanuel Pelaez.
Producer: Geraldine Chaia Arazi
Music (reel): Stiletto by Joseph Trapanese, and Standingwave.

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